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Coins with Gemstone Jewelry

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Indian Silver Durhams & Green Amethyst Necklace
13th Century Coinage to 21st Century Jewelry

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Silver has always been a precious metal that, when introduced with other elements of jewelry like gold, gemstones, or coins made into necklaces, it has a profound effect. Not only does it add a level of craftsmanship that requires much practice to acquire, but it provides a template for the other colors and facets to shine even brighter than they would by themselves.

The green amethysts that are wrapped in a silver wire on this necklace is picture perfect elegance. The green amethysts are linked together with the coins by a silver chain in between each one. Softly colored but shining brightly, this necklace will light up the world.

History of the coins:
Like the amethysts, each coin struck in India between 1200 and 1607 AD are individual from each other, and they are treated as such. They are safely washed and then each is wrapped by hand. The amethysts are wrapped in this same technique that predates soldering.

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