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Coins with Gemstone Jewelry

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Russian Kopek & Amethyst Necklace
Greatness from a Great Man's Time

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Hailing from the rule of Peter the Great, stretching from 1682-1696, the Russian kopek is a small denomination of the Ruble, the main currency of Russia.

Traveling across oceans and continents and time itself, these kopeks have found their way to Relics where they have been wrapped in gold wire. We then set green amethysts in between each kopek to add to the grandeur of this remarkable necklace. Gold, silver and green all work together to bring the opulence to you. No coin is the same, thanks to the dated techniques that were used to strike them. Similarly, each amethyst has its own unique shape and sheen.

All it takes is one look to realize the beauty of this necklace and the greatness that came from Peter the Great.

History of the coins:
Each coin was struck sometime during the reign of Peter the Great. Each one embodies the spirit of greatness that went along with such a reign. The coins are shaped as they are because of the methods available to the mints at the time. After they were struck, they were then cliiped with shears to make them the proper weight and size.

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