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The Necklace that Links Us
The Necklace that Links Us
There are those who say, "those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it." It is true. Take a lesson from a young girl from the Lakota Sioux Tribe:

As she watched the sun set behind the cliffs of granite that had all been part of the once great Sioux Nation, she sat solemnly and reflected the sad history that she had lived. Her once proud ancestors had lost their buffalo, the Black Hills Gold, their land, and finally, their very own way of life, the very essence of themselves to those in Washington.

This young girl from the Lakota Sioux Tribe wanted to illustrate that while everyone is different, the plight of everyone is similar. Americans today are losing their buffalo, gold, and land - their incomes, retirement savings, homes, and plans to the bulls sitting in Washington. As she had no real position of power in her tribe, her words fell upon deaf ears.

Ever the clever child, she journeyed across the lands of the Lakota Sioux until she found six sacred stones:
A blue one that represented the clear blue waters of their wondrous lakes and flowing streams. She found deep within the grassy plains a green stone that sustained their buffalo and horses. Hidden amongst the lands of her camp did she find a stone so red, it looked like the blood that kept her tribe united as a family. The white stone she found after a rain, so she took to mean the cloud spirits were watching over her and the tribe. In the part of the prairie were their horses and buffalo lived the closest together, she found a stone of brilliant gold, and she knew that it was representative of the wealth that the animals had brought them. The bronze stone she found as she was off to give reverence to the Mother Earth, and she knew that she had to take this stone.

She made the stones into a necklace that she wore as a reminder that everyone has a voice, and everyone is a person of value. When the members of the tribe looked upon her wearing the necklace, they wanted to know the reasoning behind her making this necklace and the meaning of the stones. After delighting their eye, she knew that those ears were no longer deaf.